Why is FitGrid charging the consumer a $1.99 service charge?

Creating and maintaining the Class App is costly but we do not want to burden the studio owner with increasing prices, especially during this difficult time. Therefore, we’ve decided to follow suit and charge a “service charge” similar to the service charges consumers get with all kinds of other popular apps like Uber, Fandango, Seamless, etc.

What if my consumers don’t want to pay the service charge?

Consumers are welcome to reserve through your website or other methods they currently use if they don’t want to pay the service fee. They will still have all of the other benefits of the Class App, even if they don’t reserve through the Class App.

Why would a consumer reserve through FitGrid and pay the fee?

Consumers like choices, they like convenience, they like socialization and they like inspiration.

  • Rewards: Consumers will earn free classes the more they go to their existing studios. (average $20 value per class)

  • Convenience: If a consumer sees a friend sign up for a class he/she can quickly and easily reserve that same class through the app.

  • Late Cancellation Warnings: The app will help consumers avoid late cancellations.

  • Charity: A portion of proceeds will be donated to charity.

What are the benefits to the studio when the consumers reserve through the Class App?

The Class App is an automatic community builder for studios.

The app will:

  • Prompt consumers that reserve through the app to invite friends and family to their classes. ~15 - 20% of consumers reserving through the app invite friends to join their classes.

  • Connect people in the studio to increase engagement and retention. Consumers who are connected together see a 66% higher rate of return to the studio than those who are not.

Why would I, as a studio owner, still encourage my consumers to use the Class App if the reservation feature isn’t free?

The Class App has been built to give you more information on your consumers, encourage them to connect with your community (thus increasing retention), encourage consumers to attend your classes more, and prompt consumers to grow your community by inviting their friends and family.

  • Consumers provide a wealth of information through the app that you can use to personalize your communications with them. In addition, this data is provided to your instructors so they can better personalize their communications. All of this helps increase retention.

  • Consumers are prompted in the middle and end of the week to reserve their next classes if they haven’t hit their goals.

  • Consumers on the app are encouraged to invite friends and family to their classes consistently, thus helping to grow your audience.

Can I (the studio) take over the cost instead of the consumers?

At this point no. We know that studios pay enough for software fees, so we want to keep your costs low.

What will the reservation experience look like to consumers?

Consumers will be properly notified of the charge. They will be prompted with a pop up informing them of the charge and also asking them to agree to terms before they put in their credit cards.

Will my consumers receive a receipt for the service charge?

An email with the confirmation of the reservation and the $1.99 fee will be sent after a consumer reserves the class.

Can I turn Class App reservations off so my consumers are unable to reserve through the app?

No. Reserving in the app is optional for consumers and their choice. If they don’t want to reserve in the app they never have to. They can always use a different way to reserve.

Is there a way to get a lower reservation price if consumers have memberships or reserve more often?

Not at this time.

What countries are charged the service charge?

All consumers, no matter where they live in the world will be subject to the service charge.

What is coming next?

FitGrid’s new “wallet” feature will allow users to buy classes in the FitGrid app. This will roll out to US consumers and to international consumers in the next few months.

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