After adding in new licensed Zoom users to your Zoom account following these steps, return to your FitGrid LIVE Settings page and click the Manage Zoom Users button in the upper right corner of the page (shown below).

Enabling Zoom Users

On this screen you'll see your Zoom users, including the email associated with the user, the user's name, type and a checkbox allowing them to be "Activated for FG".

To Activate them:

  1. Select the checkbox next to their information
  2. Repeat until enough users are selected to support concurrent classes
  3. Click Save Zoom Users

Not Enough Users

If the error message below appears, you will need to refresh the screen or continue to add enough licensed users to insure you have enough to support the number of overlapping classes on your schedule.

*Note: If you added in Basic Users instead of Pro Users, you will receive an error message. Please You will need to go back to Zoom and change the Users to Pro.

You will see a confirmation message once all of the users are properly enabled (be sure that you have enough Zoom users enabled for each overlapping class).

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