FAQ - How Often do I need to Select Zoom Enabled & How Quickly are Links Sent out After I Zoom Enable My Class?

What to do when you have a class coming up that needs to be Zoom enabled.

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How often do I need to manually select "Zoom Enabled?"

FitGrid LIVE enables Zoom at the "Class Session" level. This means when you click the Zoom Enabled checkbox and save, you're only enabling streaming for that single instance of the class. Next week's class will not be automatically marked.

This might seem tedious, but it's actually important. It prevents automated emails from going out accidentally for a class that is not intended to be streamed.

We recommend the following workflow for studios: ensure that someone on your team is maintaining FG LIVE every day. They should go in each morning and:

  • Review that day's class schedule to ensure everything is enabled and clients are receiving their confirmations.

  • Check several days into the future to ensure that classes are correct and Zoom Enabled.

  • Review the classes that occurred on the previous day to ensure that all rosters and emails are correct.

This daily action will allow you to catch any issues early. It'll give you rhythm and confidence. And once you get used to it, the process should take only 5-10 minutes.

There are times where you may need to add a last minute class or perhaps you forgot to Zoom enable, never fear. If you Zoom enabled a class within an hour from it starting, links will be generated ASAP just be sure to refresh your dashboard in order to see the links.

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