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Configure your studio's follow-up milestones
Configure your studio's follow-up milestones

How to control when instructors are prompted to reach out to clients

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Once your instructors download the FitGrid Pro app and activate their accounts, they'll be able to reach out to clients who have attended their classes recently. But which ones?

FitGrid Pro prompts instructors to reach out to clients based on the number of times that particular client has visited that particular instructor (for example, 1st visit / 3rd visit / 5th visit). You can change these visit milestones and provide your instructors with suggestions about what to say.

Note: the text you enter here will be presented to each instructor as a suggestion when they craft their own personal templates.


  1. Log into your FitGrid Studio admin dashboard with a web browser.

  2. Click your name in the upper-right. Then click the "Settings" gear icon ⚙️

  3. Select "Follow-ups."

  4. Edit one of the existing follow-up milestones or create new ones!

What is the Any or All Class Visitors segment?

Send Follow-Up messages to “Any or All” clients in your most recent classes. This recipient group can be defined in one of three ways:

  • One person from the class

  • Some of the people from the class

  • All of the people from the class

To activate the feature in the FitGrid Studio dashboard visit Settings > Follow-Ups > Any or All Class Visitors tile, click Activate.

Best practices:

  • Always follow up with clients after their first visit! This is a critical moment to ensure that all new clients feel seen and welcomed.

  • Follow up a few more times as clients return to the same instructor to positively reinforce the formation of that relationship.

  • Add follow-up milestones for long-term, dedicated clients (25th / 50th / 100th visit and beyond)!

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