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Tell your instructors about the FitGrid Pro app
Tell your instructors about the FitGrid Pro app

Customize this template to prepare your instructors and get them excited

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Please customize this template as you see fit, and send it to your instructors before they receive their invitations to the FitGrid Pro app. That way, they know to expect the invitation and are more likely to open it, download the app, and start helping your studio grow.

Hello team!

As we all know, relationships and community are essential parts of what our studio is all about. Being available and communicative with students helps them gain the confidence to persevere, build healthy habits, and transform.

That's why we're excited to introduce the FitGrid Pro app to our studio!

This app is for instructors like you–it allows you to keep track of who is coming to your classes, and to send these clients personalized follow-up messages, sort of like virtual high-fives for a job well done. It's quick and easy, and has been shown to increase the probability that a new client will return to class by up to 60%!

FitGrid also gathers feedback from clients on a monthly basis, asking about their experience with each instructor they’ve visited recently. The valuable feedback we get from this plays a huge role in our success as a studio and our growth as individual instructors.

Keep an eye out for an email from FitGrid tomorrow. It’ll have a link to download the app and activate your personal account. The first step will be to download the app. Once activated, it’ll pull your last 2 years of information from MINDBODY, consisting of all your classes and clients. This will give you a better idea of the clients and demographics (age, gender, visit frequency) in each of your classes, so you can form stronger connections and keep clients coming back.

If you have any questions, you can chat with the FitGrid team and check out their support site and video tutorials.

FitGrid is simple and effective–but only if we all actually send the messages it queues up for us. Let's all commit to downloading the app ASAP and sending follow-ups after every class–we believe this could be a game-changer that helps us build community better than ever before.

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