The "Instructors" page in FitGrid Studio admin automatically pulls in all of your instructors from MINDBODY, and allows you to invite them to use the FitGrid Pro app. But sometimes an instructor you want to activate is missing. Why does this happen, and how can you fix it?

  1. Has the instructor been added to the schedule yet?
    MINDBODY only sends us instructors that have been added to your schedule, even for a single class session. Until your new instructor is scheduled for at least one class session, you won't be able to find and invite them in FG.

  2. Have you tried refreshing the connection with MINDBODY?
    Scroll to the bottom of the "Instructors" page. You'll see a button that says "Update Instructors from MINDBODY." This will pull in up-to-date information on your instructors.

  3. Did you accidentally delete one of your instructors in FitGrid?
    Because MINDBODY sends us a list of all instructors–including inactive ones–we allow you to "delete" instructors from FitGrid so they don't get in your way. If you suspect that one of your instructors has been deleted and you want them back, reach out to for help.

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