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FAQ: Client Feedback
FAQ: Client Feedback
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Q: What are Client Feedback Surveys?

A: One of FitGrid’s features, Client Feedback Surveys, gives your clients the opportunity to review your instructors and provide direct feedback on their class experience, giving you the advantage of deeper insight into your community.

Unlike other survey programs, FitGrid Client Feedback Surveys give you and your instructors feedback directly from clients they have in class. This helps to better evaluate each instructor’s performance and provides them with constructive advice as to how they can further improve the client experience. 

Q: How often are clients sent requests for ranking/reviews?

A: Clients will be emailed a survey after class every 3 months, inviting them to rate their instructor on a scale of 1-10 and leave real-time feedback. For example, if a client takes a class from an instructor for 3 days in a row, they will only receive a survey after the first class, but if a client takes classes from two different instructors in one week, then they will receive two different surveys. Clients will never receive more than one survey in a 3 month time period, per instructor.

Q: What do owners and managers see?

A: As a FitGrid admin, you have direct access to view client feedback, client profiles, and instructor ratings.

Q: What do instructors see?

A: You can allow instructors to receive anonymous client feedback directly through their FitGrid Pro App. This feature is customizable per instructor in a few different ways. You can initiate the feedback surveys from clients for any or all instructors, and you can also activate any or all instructors to have access to view that feedback. This can be updated in your settings.

Q: How do I copy feedback?

A: There isn't a way to export, or copy and paste Client Feedback directly from the Client Feedback dashboard, you can take screen shots to share. Additionally, you can export the feedback to a PDF, you can then copy the text within a PDF printed version.

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