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Feature Overview: Instructor Performance Reports
Feature Overview: Instructor Performance Reports

Instructor Performance Reports allows you to make better business decisions based on actionable data

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FitGrid's Instructor Performance Reports combines the most important data buried in your booking platform site, with unique FitGrid information and insights, and presents the results in an easy-to-read format each month.

Use the data to make tough calls, validate or challenge your instincts, or even show them to your instructors (we provide an instructor-friendly version that doesn't include your sensitive business information) to motivate and inspire them.provides studios take the guesswork out of key business decisions:

  • Where is my revenue coming from?

  • How should I measure performance at my studio?

  • Which instructors should I reward and how?

  • Are some instructors much better at converting new clients?

  • Are there classes I need to cut?

  • Who requests sub coverage too much?

And much more!

Here's how it works:

New Instructor Reports become available on the 1st of every month for the previous month.

Each Report is broken down into 6 sections. Explore below to learn how to interpret each one!

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