FitGrid Instructor Performance Reports take the guesswork out of key business decisions:

  • Where is my revenue coming from?

  • How should I measure performance at my studio?

  • Which instructors should I reward and how?

  • Are some instructors much better at converting new clients?

  • Are there classes I need to cut?

  • Who requests sub coverage too much?

And much more!

Instructor Reports take the most important data buried in your Mindbody site, combine that with unique FitGrid information and insights, and present the results in an easy-to-read format each month. Use them to make tough calls, validate or challenge your instincts, or even show them to your instructors (we provide an instructor-friendly version that doesn't include your sensitive business information) to motivate and inspire them.

New Instructor Reports become available on the 1st of every month for the previous month. We break each Report down into 6 sections. Explore below to learn how to interpret each one!

  1. Retention

  2. Client Demand

  3. Client Breakdown

  4. Client Engagement

  5. Scheduling

  6. Benchmarking

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