Best Practices: Increasing Instructor Usage

How to encourage instructors to send their FitGrid Pro app follow-ups

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How do highly-successful studios inspire their instructors to engage with the FitGrid platform?

Start by focusing on your champions
Identify early supporters, give them praise and attention, and encourage them to show the app to other instructors and help train and encourage them.

Inspire by sharing the best client responses
Compile and share positive and inspiring client responses in a monthly staff newsletter.

Engage instructors' spirit of service and contribution
Show them your studio's overall retention rate, and ask them to participate in increasing it.

Set personal goals for specific instructors
Use FitGrid Instructor Performance Reports to track and set goals for instructors on an individual basis. For example, "Increase your return rate by 3% this month."

Part of their responsibilities
Remind staff sending these messages is part of their responsibilities and that they can be sent while at the studio during the 5-10 minutes they typically spend at the front desk after class.

Weekly incentive program
Have the instructors forward their best client response(s) to you, the owner/manager. At the end of the week choose the best response, forward to all instructors, and give the winner a prize!

Monthly incentive program
Reward the instructor with the highest FitGrid retention level for that month with a gift certificate. 

Help instructors increase their followers
Remind and encourage instructors to include their social media handles in their message signature to increase their own following. 

Help instructors feel more confident in their writing
Suggest your instructors incorporate these 4 key components into their messages:

  • Appreciation: "Thank you for spending your morning with me!"

  • Positivity: "Your work in class was fantastic. Keep it up!"

  • Question: "What are your goals?" or "Will I see you next week?"

  • Personality: "Rock on! Sabrina"

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