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Setting Up Your Win-back Templates, Timeframes, and Offers
Setting Up Your Win-back Templates, Timeframes, and Offers

Now that you've set up your default sender, it's time to set up your timeframe, templates, and offer details for your win-back emails

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Your default win-back email templates, timeframes, and offers are what we call your default buckets.

By default, your buckets are set up to send a win-back email to a client if it has been more that 90, 180, or 365 days since their last visit.

To set up your win-back templates, timeframes, and offers, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Set up your timeframe

Your time frame is the number of days you want to wait since a clients last visit to send him a win-back email

Days since last visit: 45

Step 2: Setting up your win-back email template

Here you will need to set up a template for your win-back emails. This is the email that clients will receive if they were eligible for a win-back offer. 

Subject: We miss you! Here’s an offer to return!

Body: Hi [Client Name]Remember how good you felt after your last class with me? Want to feel that way again?

Step 3: Setting up your win-back offers

Offer Intro/Description: This is the text that appears above the link to your offer

Example: 30 Days for $45

Link Text: This is the the text that the user clicks on to redeem your offer

Example: Click here to redeem

Step 4: Select an offer from pricing options

Note: You need to have set up at least one pricing option in MINDBODY with "FitGrid" in the name.

Step 5: Identify where your client gets routed after they purchase the offer

We suggest putting your website or schedule, for example:

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